CYRAJANE fine art sculpture and installations


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I have lived and breathed in creation since childhood, always making, always building content around me. I remember finding this expanding spray foam in my grandfather's workshop (perfectly preserved though he had long since established residency elsewhere). At 10 years old, I had a day! Building sculptures of shims and nails and foam. My grandma had a fit - screaming about flammability and blah blah blah, which effectively scared me away from sculpture for decades. For many years, I painted. I painted in my bedrooms, dorm rooms, living rooms with the $.50 apple paints from Hobby Lobby, with the $0.39 cent brushes that left hairs every other stroke, on multi-pack canvases. I painted while studying language, deep structure and rhetoric; information design and voice. Vocal technique in classical choirs, too. I was quite set on becoming a fiction editor. After graduate school I said "fuck you" to New York and the publishing industry I'd been planning on, and decided to just make visual art instead, in Seattle, with better materials. There were some reasons (in reverse order), a lack of patience for anything that wasn't my desire, a handful of long katabasis missions to embark on, an abusive situation and the severe panic and generalized anxiety disorder I was left with after he went to prison. I wouldn't mention that generally, but so much of my early work was processing through those psychological minefields and so much of my relationship with art itself and the immersive playground we meet in is because of how I bonded to the act of creation during those very intense years. So I found myself in Seattle. Great place to explore yourself, to heal, and to find creative outlets. I lived downtown for 15 years, stomping the streets, making larger paintings, dark paintings. I danced. I worked a lot with broken mirror. I bled. I met my first muse and simultaneously became involved in Burning Man. The art! Oh I decided my first night there, watching a crew weld up their giant metal chain of fire-spewing plants? maybe?, that I was going to do that. I found the Iron Monkeys a year later, a burner blacksmithing collective that I worked with for five years on increasingly large and involved pyrotechnic steel sculptures. The culimation a 23' high dragonfly/woman/plane with a 40' wingspan all plumbed with propane and lit up. Man. I bled some more and almost had a concussion. But before that end I had my first successful public art project, designed and built a number of my own installations  and landed an internship with a public artist working in kinetic steel. Somewhere in there I learned about the power that art can have to affect outlooks, to fuse into and influence emotional landscapes. I learned how to inspire. Another muse and I moved into the kinesics series and began carving stone. My first stone class I stood over the banker for hours at a time filing, filing, filing and sanding some weird little optical illusion of a man whose legs were rabbits and his chest a bird biting at his little shark penis. It was a weird sculpture, but it worked - I'd found a new medium and set about recalibrating my thoughts into 3D, and one so meditative that really calmed my frenetic energy. I learned to wear safety gear. And I carved. I carved at the metal studio, at my first residency, through my  third, disastrous muse. (I have since, years ago now, sworn off of them. Nothing but trouble. To be fair, though, that one did inspire simulacre and that was almost worth it.) I then met the stone carving community, which is far more vibrant and inspired than one might initially guess. I met them and suddenly felt I belonged for the first time in my life. For a whole different set of reasons, money, an invitation to set up a bronze foundry, being fed up with the noise and chaos of living next to the fire station for five years, I moved to an island outside the city and set up a stone carving studio, where most the work on this site was conceived and labored. It's nice out here, a lot of quiet time to devote to the studio, to the ethereal Empyrean that is, for however long I can.


-Snapdragon, paintings, June 2020
-Making Space, International Sculpture Conference, October 2019
-An Afternoon of Sun and Stone, June 2019
-Koch Gallery, sculpture, May 2019
-Koch Gallery, #mymetoo group show, October 2018 (Sponsor's Award)
-Seattle Erotic Art Festival, curation and sculpture, April 2018

-Empyrean Studios, June 2017

-Two Walls Gallery, Death Among Us Group Show, March 2017

-Dendroica Gallery, November 2016

-Hinge Gallery, simulacra, August 2016

-NW Sculpture Gallery, May-August 2015

-Lakewold Gardens, May 2015

-Seattle Erotic Art Festival, April 2015

-NW Flower and Garden Show, Feb 2015

-We Ain't Selling Nothing but a Damn Good Time, Dec 2014

-Fade Into You, group show at Twilight Arts, Feb 2014

-Burning Man, installation with Iron Monkey Arts, August-September 2013

-Off the Beaten Path, carvings and paintings, Aug 2013

-Hedreen Gallery, stone carvings, July 2012

-Two Birds Gallery, paintings and carvings August 2012

-Critical Massive, installation and burn, July 2012

-Bemis Spring Show, simulacra, April 2012

-Pintxo, paintings Nov-Jan 2012

-Critical Massive, installation and burn, July 2011

-The Night Kitchen, paintings, January-March 2011

-Equinox Studios, paintings, December 2010

-Tougo Coffee Company, paintings, August-September 2010

-Burning Man, installation with Iron Monkey Arts, August-September 2010

-Critical Massive, installation, July 19-26, 2010

-Elliott Bay Brewery in Burien, WA, paintings, April-June 2010

-New Voices Group Show, Pratt Gallery, sculpture, June 3, 2010

-ArtFarm, installation, May 22, 2010

-Starfish Studios, paintings and sculpture, May 2010

-Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, invited artist, Apr 31-May 2, 2010

-Cafe Metropolitain, Seattle Dec 2009-Jan 2010

-Forgotten Works, Dec 2009

-Balagan Theatre, Seattle Oct 2009

-Burning Man Center Camp, Sept 2009

-Critical Massive, Jul 2009

-Starfish Studios, Mar 2009

-Mnemonic Gallery, Jan-Mar 2008

-The Prudential Building, Pioneer Square Artwalk, various points in 2006-07

-The Phoenix, Feb-Mar 2006

-The Mercury, Dec 2005



-Iron Monkeys, collaborator

-Pillow Studios, intern

-Sen Kouros, owner

-NWSSA, member and event producer

-Tom Small

-Studiostone Creative



-Studiostone, Vancouver, British Columbia 2016

-James Washington Foundation, Seattle, Washington 2011



-Individual Project Grant from 4Culture 2019
-Scholarship to California Sculptors Symposium 2019
-Sponsor's Award, #mymetoo, Koch Gallery

-2nd place Audience Choice Awards, SEAF 2010

-INW Grant for Filaments 2010

-INW Grant for Anew 2009

-INW Scholarship to Pratt Fine Arts Center 2009



Sculpture Northwest, June/July 2016

Another Passion, interview, 2010

City Arts, 2010

Seattle Times (2), 2009

Bob Rivers Show, Radio, 2009

Seattle Sketcher, artist rendering of Anew, 2009

Almost One a Day, photography of Anew, 2009

Seattle PI, 2009


CYRAJANE fine art sculpture and installations


Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.