-Over/Growth, curation and installation, August 2021
-Snapdragon, paintings, June 2020
-Making Space, International Sculpture Conference, October 2019
-An Afternoon of Sun and Stone, June 2019
-Koch Gallery, sculpture, May 2019
-Koch Gallery, #mymetoo group show, October 2018 (Sponsor's Award)
-Seattle Erotic Art Festival, curation and sculpture, April 2018
-Empyrean Studios, June 2017
-Two Walls Gallery, Death Among Us Group Show, March 2017
-Dendroica Gallery, November 2016
-Hinge Gallery, simulacra, August 2016
-NW Sculpture Gallery, May-August 2015
-Lakewold Gardens, May 2015
-Seattle Erotic Art Festival, April 2015
-NW Flower and Garden Show, Feb 2015
-We Ain't Selling Nothing but a Damn Good Time, Dec 2014
-Fade Into You, group show at Twilight Arts, Feb 2014
-Burning Man, installation with Iron Monkey Arts, August-September 2013
-Off the Beaten Path, carvings and paintings, Aug 2013
-Hedreen Gallery, stone carvings, July 2012
-Two Birds Gallery, paintings and carvings August 2012
-Critical Massive, installation and burn, July 2012
-Bemis Spring Show, simulacra, April 2012
-Pintxo, paintings Nov-Jan 2012
-Critical Massive, installation and burn, July 2011
-The Night Kitchen, paintings, January-March 2011
-Equinox Studios, paintings, December 2010
-Tougo Coffee Company, paintings, August-September 2010
-Burning Man, installation with Iron Monkey Arts, August-September 2010
-Critical Massive, installation, July 19-26, 2010
-Elliott Bay Brewery in Burien, WA, paintings, April-June 2010
-New Voices Group Show, Pratt Gallery, sculpture, June 3, 2010
-ArtFarm, installation, May 22, 2010
-Starfish Studios, paintings and sculpture, May 2010
-Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, invited artist, Apr 31-May 2, 2010
-Cafe Metropolitain, Seattle Dec 2009-Jan 2010
-Forgotten Works, Dec 2009
-Balagan Theatre, Seattle Oct 2009
-Burning Man Center Camp, Sept 2009
-Critical Massive, Jul 2009
-Starfish Studios, Mar 2009
-Mnemonic Gallery, Jan-Mar 2008
-The Prudential Building, Pioneer Square Artwalk, various points in 2006-07
-The Phoenix, Feb-Mar 2006
-The Mercury, Dec 2005
-Pratt Fine Arts Center, instructor
-Iron Monkeys, collaborator
-Pillow Studios, intern
-Sen Kouros, owner
-NWSSA, member and event producer
-Tom Small
-Studiostone Creative
-Luce Morgana Productions
-Studiostone, Vancouver, British Columbia 2016
-James Washington Foundation, Seattle, Washington 2011
-Individual Project Grant from 4Culture 2019
-Scholarship to California Sculptors Symposium 2019
-Sponsor's Award, #mymetoo, Koch Gallery 2018
-2nd place Audience Choice Awards, SEAF 2010
-INW Grant for Filaments 2010
-INW Grant for Anew 2009
-INW Scholarship to Pratt Fine Arts Center 2009
Beachcomber, Oct 2020
Sculpture Northwest, September 2019
Sculpture Northwest, June/July 2016
Another Passion, interview, 2010
City Arts, 2010
Seattle Times (2), 2009
Bob Rivers Show, Radio, 2009
Seattle Sketcher, artist rendering of Anew, 2009
Almost One a Day, photography of Anew, 2009
Seattle PI, 2009
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